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January 12, 2006

H&I Fires 12 Jan 06

Open post for those with something to share. New, complete posts come in below.

First post of the day took too long, and I'm working another one - so, here's the starter for you guys.

CAPT H, still preferring to have me as his clerk-typist, offers up this article on the new nano-based armor material developed in Israel. -The Armorer


What makes a service member a hero?

Last week's article about the Marine Marlboro Man."

- Fuzzybear Lioness
Hey! When you get done perusing the Armorer’s offerings, jump over to The Middle Ground, where I’m Stomping the News, so you won’t have to. With such valuable gems like: Mattel Oppresses Barbie with Magical Hijab - Barbie prays to Allah for liberation by GI Joe with a kung fu grip; Iraq Post Election Analysis –It’s Vietnam! It’s Somalia! Dems say pick a fight they started and then forced the US to retreat, Iraq is just like that, at least they hope, some day soon, take their word for it; Military Info War a Success! – Kids ask for plastic guns for Eid so they can play “Cops and Terrorists”; Terrorist Darwin Awards – they blow themselves up so we don’t have to; Brit General Says US Army Racist – US Colonel to Brit General: Sod off, swampy; CIA Prison in Kosovo – at least the EU thinks, maybe, they’ve got pictures, but they can’t find Kosovo on the map.

That ain’t all folks. Drop by The Middle Ground for the rest of the news, stomped to bits so you won’t have to. - Kat


Heh. Looking at the postings for today, a whole lotta olio, a little something for everybody, if your scrolling finger holds up, anyway! -The Armorer


Looks like it is Lunchtime around here. (Or a post to get Cricket out of the kitchen.) --Punctilious