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January 11, 2006

H&I Fires 11 Jan 06

Speaking of small arms (there's a contest in the comments to this post) here's a nice study of the M4...

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On 30 December 2005 soldiers from Bravo Company, 2nd Bn, 502nd INF conducted Search and Sweep Operations in the Village of Shakaria, Iraq. Soldiers from Bravo Company secured a road as EOD worked on an IED that was buried on it.

Want a better look? Click here. Dial-up users, be patient, it's big.

Heh. William Wallace was the Main Attraction at the Bartholomew Fair. (registration required, sorry)

Naval Intercourse.

This reminds me of something I did during my brief career as a cop.

In response to the noise from puling brats constructive criticism received from a certain Habitant of this place - the Castle Store has been updated, with separate (much easier to wade through) Denizen, Denizenne, and Paraphernalia sections. And I fixed the bumper stickers so the graphics are sized correctly -The Armorer


Castle Kittens Alert! ... a musical video of your little cousins having fun.
H/T to Appalachian Gun Trash. Yes, it's workspace safe!

I've about had it. It's not bad enough that most of us Vultures got drenched with Agent Orange four decades ago -- now they're using something even more insidious on us... - Bill (Vulture 15, 3, 16, etc) T by way of V29.


Remember Matt & Vicky who I mentioned before?

Well the verdict is in: It appears something is growing inside her heart They are not positive as to what it is yet as blood tests are showing negative for bacteria so far. You can E-mail Vicky directly here The hospital staff prints them out.

Matt wants to thank all of you. So far 2 Bloggers have visted, several have sent flowers and Vicky has recieved over 50 E-mails. It's good when folks pull together.



As long as we are on the subject of the Environment... It is never too early to start planning for Earth Day. Get your 2006 posters here. --Punctilious


"Come on, come on, come on, let's get happy..." LSD inventor turned 100 yesterday. And he still stands by his product as a safe and helpful drug for the treatment of psychosis. Pick up the phone, doctor, 1968 is calling you.

For a continued laugh at the insane, read the Religious Policeman as he explains why things are so wacky in the Magical Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. For instance, read this gem about the use of black magic in the magical kingdom. It's kind of like watching Bing Crosby in "Connecticutt Yankee Goes to King Arthurs Court" when he dazzles the people with a magnifying glass, setting Merlin's robe on fire and everybody screams, "He's a dragon!" Except, in this version, he gets three years in the dungeon.

In other news across the pond, two men accused of leaking the Bush to Blair "Maybe we should bomb Al Jazeera" memo were formerly charged in Britain yesterday with violating Britains "official secrets act". Did anybody see that on Yahoo?

On a more sombre note, a local 101st soldier from Gardner, Kansas was killed in Iraq on Saturday when his patrol was attacked. He died trying to save his men. His mom says he was a hero. Rock on Rakkasans.

And they're still searching for Jill while local Sunni's protest a raid on a near by mosque that is under control of the Association of Muslim Scholars who, if you watch the news, are often the "intermediates" in negotiating release of kidnap victims and have some affiliation with the Accord Front of al Dulaimi, Defense Minister, who Jill was trying to get an interview with and was kidnapped within 1000 ft of their office from where she had just left. It all smells very fishy. --Kat

Both SWWBO and Prodigal Son's GF will identify with this. For the record, SWWBO has *never* manned a turret to help me out. We did do some submarine exploring, however.

Oops. Matt Uncle Jim slipped off his meds is in his usual form. Hee! Matches the sentiment in the office around here, too. -The Armorer