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January 10, 2006

This just in!

Army reaches out to Milbloggers - MSM Concerned!

Fuzzybear Lioness, Denizenne of Argghhh!... the sights of a Washington Post blogger.

I'm humbled. I ain't even made the 'local bloggers' page of the KC Star.

Watch her space for her response.

Gee, since Matty and Don Sensing have been outed, I guess I should admit it.

We got the email too. I suspect a lot of milbloggers did. And I sent back the same response Matt did - "Yeah, okay, send more details, and if it's just stuff from ARNEWS or CENTCOMs websites, got that covered already, thanks."

So we'll see what it is. But give 'em credit for trying to break out of the box here.

William Arkin opines (and you should read his whole piece, linked above, it's *not* Moonbattery) thusly:

Blogs, however, are the epitome of independence, perspective, and rebellion. For the Army to blog, its bloggers would need to have an opinion, show some emotion, make a joke, make a case. We all know that the moment some public affairs flunkie strayed from the official happy talk and openly engaged in the information fight, he or she would get nuked.

So, our tax dollars are going to get used so the Army can just add to its propaganda machine, shoveling "content" to like-minded bloggers?


Mr. Arkin has not been privy to our backchannel emails. Nor has he read the Army's official "Blog Training" Info Ops brief. Blackfive and I *are* mentioned or alluded to - and not always with a Happy Face. Nor has he read our blogs closely.

Yeah, we support the troops. And the war. And we have our snarks about it, too. The point Mr. Arkin is missing is that there is an available relentless drumbeat of negative news, often reported by people with no context (i.e., journos with minimal understanding of things military) but a *huge* presence - one thing we do is explain what doesn't seem to make sense, and ask WTF when it *doesn't* make sense. With our little tiny presence.

Just sayin'.

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