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January 10, 2006

25 Lessons Learned from Iraq and Afghanistan.

I was rooting around doing some research yesterday inside some Army websites. Yes, all legal, proper, and above board. I ran across a slide show by Bill Coffey, a retired soldier like myself. He's now a civil servant, vice myself, who is a predatory Beltway Bandit living outside the beltway.

I'm going to run 'em as a Lesson a Day on the weekdays over the next month. Many of these are graphic and *not* work-safe, nor "sensitive soul" safe. But then war isn't, either. Like this first one - Not Work Safe for gruesomeness. You don't need to be surprising your coworkers passing innocently by, so have some consideration.

Lesson #1. Their Actions, When They Kill One Of Us.

This is *not* an official document! I contacted Mr. Coffey and have his permission for this use. If you choose to download and share it around via email, you may do so - but send it with the caveat that any publishing of the document, for profit or no, needs the permission of Mr. Coffey, as I only asked permission for myself, and he retains all rights!

Mr. Coffey can be reached via his website: Purple Mountain Publishing.

Lesson #2 is available here.