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January 08, 2006

What a selectively interesting day in history...


1821 James Longstreet, Lt. Gen., C.S.A., Lee's "Old War Horse"
1830 Gouverneur Kemble Warren, Maj Gen, U.S., who saved Little Round Top (with some help from Joshua Chamberlain and the 22d 20th Maine) d. 1882
1935 Elvis Aaron Presley, Sgt, 3rd Armored Division


1324 Marco Polo, explorer
1842 Pierre de Cambronne, who said "Merde!" at Waterloo.
1880 Norton I, Emperor of America
1922 Charles Young, first black U.S. Army colonel, at 58, in Lagos,
1941 Lord Robert Baden Powell, of the Boy Scouts, at 83. Lefties would hate the Scouts even more if they understood that they were founded for similar reasons as the National Rifle Association...


794 First Viking Raid on Britain, Lindisfarne Abbey destroyed
1811 Louisiana: Charles Deslondes' slave rebellion begins
1815 Battle of New Orleans, 15 days after the Treaty of Ghent
1838 Anti-English rebellion at Amherstburg, Ontario
1918 Pres Wilson outlines the "14 Points" for peace after WW I
1926 Abdul-Aziz ibn Saud establishes the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
1992 Pres. George H. W. Bush vomits in the Japanese prime minister's lap

Yep, interesting day. I'll close with a pic of an interesting airplane - the Heinkel 119. Yep, that's the cockpit.

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