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January 06, 2006

H&I Fires 6 Jan 06

Open post for those with something to share. New, complete posts come in below.

Hey, John...If one of us is number 1,000,000 do we get to shoot anything we want from your basement???

Oooh - a prize! John - what does the Referrer of the 1,000,000th
visitor win????

The Castle will go over 1 Million Uniques today, absent an implosion of the server or Internet. Already the greedy are circling, hoping to score. Here's your problem - if you are reading this, your visit has been recorded already. So, if you're going to try to manage this to *be* number 1 million, ya got a coupla options. Use two computers, or somehow (depends on how you access the 'net) get another IP all the time... and then ya need to comment when you come in - why? So I can tie the IP to someone. The only way Castle logs can provide an ID to someone is if you post a comment and leave good (vice bogus) personally identifiable info in it - like a comment. I get IPs for comments, and I know who you allege yourself to be. If I can ID Number 1 Million and/or the Referrer, yes, actually, I *do* have a prize...

{snipped as being no longer needed}

Next item - overheard this morning... "Oh, would you please get me some coffee?"

(I was on my way to the pot, just not *that* one)

"Oh, never mind, I can get it myself... "

(seconds pass)

"Ow! My knee hurts sooooooooooo much!"

I went to both pots. -The Armorer


John, just for you: an opportunity to make fun of the Aging Fighter Pilot(TM) and his Amazing Shrinking Uniform(TM)...

[The Armorer sez - Go Read This Post at Lex's. You will regret not doing so. And don't forget the comments!]

Are the new SOCOM Marines "just Marines?" Blackfive leads a discussion.

--Fuzzybear Lioness


Just don’t give him WARM beer. – Punctilious


Some Marines in Iraq have four legs - good thing they don't need uniforms!


D-uh. There's a *reason* I've avoided having jobs that would require a cell phone or pager - and watching SWWBO deal with hers simply adds confimatory anecdotal evidence in support of this article. -The Armorer


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