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January 05, 2006

H&I Fires for 5 Jan 06

Open post for those with something to share. New, complete posts come in below.

Islam is Peace? For those interested in the spread of radical Islam in Europe, I've posted a short essay about Milli Gorus, Germany's largest Islamic association. -


I don't object to recess appointments, and find Democrat angst over them to be tortuous at best, as their side of the aisle has used them before for similar reasons. If the Senate *won't* do it's job of advise and consent by offering up or down votes, but simply uses politics to block nominations without accountable action on the part of individuals *or* parties, then the President should force the issue. Courage is lacking in this group of people, on both sides of the aisle. But then, they are elected to legislate, not lead. That said - Julie Myers, Kansan or no, *still* stinks as a choice, Mr. President.

Someone else notes something I've alluded to before - this war is being fought, on the whole, better than many before it - at the tactical level, at least... leaving fewer situations requiring heroic efforts to overcome the mistakes of others, or just bad luck.

Coming soon... the Cluebat of Argghhh! (basic version)

For the sailors among us - the 'new' the SSGN Ohio completes her sea trials. -The Armorer


For a very different take on the article about battlefield heroics that John links above, see Blackfive.

And another report of self-sacrificial heroism in Iraq...

Lex dissects the New York Times' attempt to justify its publication of secret national security information. Read the comments, too.

- Fuzzybear Lioness

Sarah Dyer, sister of Lance Cpl. Christopher Dyer, is someone I would LOVE to know. Holy cow...... ~AFSis

And now, for a completely pointless helpful hint.


Commissar helps Captain Ed beat down on everyones favorite *cough* Kos, when he attempts to compare Conservative/RINO/Mil Bloggers to Patrick Henry

Last but not least, do you want to do something really nice before the holiday Fire goes out?

Matt of Overtaken by Events and his wife Vicky of Oddfellows Rest are unfortunately having a very serious problem. Seems Vicky has aquired a disease their doctor belives is Mononeuritis Multiplex The result? She has currently limited to no use of both her legs and her right arm since Thanksgiving

Matt is *not* asking for money. What he is asking for is folks to wish his wife Get Well Soon Notes

Think you can help?


Thomas Sowell discusses the Elephant in the Living Room. Iran.