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January 04, 2006

H&I Fires for 4 Jan 06

Open post for those with something to share. New, complete posts come in below.

Heh. The 50 emails from the comment party last night knackered posting this morning!

CAPT H sends along this funny-hat-wearing, maple-fortified, polar-bear as the Epitome of Alan's Canadian Man...

He also provides this bit from Colby Cosh about developments in Chavez' Venezuela... where the cautionary tale of the last century is being looked at perhaps as just a failed attempt that should be redone -

It is much too late in history to snicker at the logic of replacing "currency relations" with slips of paper that can be used to buy goods and services--but only at the government store. I will give Chavez supporters the same advice that their Maoist fathers and Stalinist grandfathers ignored: you can save yourselves a couple of decades by being ashamed of yourselves right this minute.

Read the rest here, with a follow-up here.

Cotinuing to mine Master Cosh, we move on to a link to a cautionary tale about good intentions hijacked by people who will take advantage of your generosity - and leave you trapped in trying to extricate yourself from the problem, perhaps. What I never could quite make out from the Spiegel article - do the restaurants make money, or lose it - gross receipts aren't a reliable indicator in that regard.

1989... "It is a Line of Death! You cross it, we die! -The Armorer


"Who's the cat who won't come out
When there's danger all about?

You daaaaamn right!

They say that cat is a baaaad Murtha....
(Shut yo mouf!
You bein' bad!)"

Well folks, he's at it again. Let no one say the Democrat Party is Soft on Terror. Soft-headed perhaps, but tough as nails on the kind of folks who fly planes into buildings... and those who try to protect us from them. Now comes John Murtha, another great American War Hero of the Left in the grand tradition of Gunga John Kerry.

Rep. Murtha can't wait to take the GWOT to al Qaeda in a fashion reminiscent of Tinkie Winkie.

...just keep telling yourself: "They also serve... who refuse to serve."

Fortunately for America, 82% of our all-volunteer military disagree with Jack Murtha about the value of military service, and 70% would re-enlist today if given the chance. Via the invaluable Tom Bevan.
- Cassandra


Good to see that Seattle is cracking down on crime.

- Barb

More on cold Canadians. --Punctilious


A little discussion about whether our military tactics invading and occupying Iraq were mistakes. Frankly, I agree with the author of this post that there are "mistakes" or actions by the enemy that necessarily change the outcome or expectations of your own plans so you "improvise, adapt and over come" or you throw up your hands, admit defeat, take your toys and go home. Of course, I opt for the first, but feel free to add your two cents. (I know, we've discussed this before somewhere, but I think it's good exercise for the military professionals and afficianados to see how many opinions *like certain body parts* everybody has) - Kat