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January 03, 2006

H&I Fires 3 Jan 06

Open post for those with something to share. New, complete posts come in below.

Back to work, sigh.

Boudicca sends us this - which is very kewl. A movie of commercial flight activity in the US for one day. What I found fascinating is how you can watch the workday flow across the country.


More Good News that you won't find in the local paper - 10 metric tons of weapons caches uncovered. Excellent work, Marines!

- Barb


From Chinook mechanic's wife HomeFrontSix:

On improving the pilot-mechanic relationship (works for fixed-wing too, I'd imagine), and an explanation of why helicopter pilots get so darn jumpy. Heh. Paging BillT...

More aviation in a jaw-dropping sea story.

-Fuzzybear Lioness


Just in case you missed it when Kat posted it: US Army, 2005 in pictures. -The Armorer


Denizens should continue posting 'above the fold', but I put something beneath the fold.

Too cool for words.

Marion Barry is robbed in his home by gun-toting robbers. His response? Apparently more gun-control is needed... this isn't enough. I'm sure that more regulations than they've already ignored will help. I blame Canada. Their refusal to accept our excess is forcing criminals to use them in the US. On an unrelated note - Barry continues to plan his political career.

He is awaiting sentencing later this month in federal court on his guilty plea to two misdemeanor counts stemming from his failure to file income tax returns in 2000.

Barry vows not to move from his home in Ward Eight, which he represents in the council. But he says he will push for tougher gun control laws.

Note to DC residents... you get the government you deserve. -The Armorer


Representative Murtha back in the news. This one makes me wonder if he's really aware of how his words are being used. I almost pity him.

--Fuzzybear Lioness


Heh, some of you sprained a wrist trying to mouse that fast...


I don't think I'll credit the sender... his wife might not like it!

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