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January 01, 2006

The State of the Castle...

So, wondering what you're part of, if you consider yourself a regular visitor or Denizen of Argghhh?

Here's some data -

In 2004, this map shows the nations paying Tribute in the form of Visits to the Castle:

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Oops. North Korea shouldn't be colored in there...

In 2005, our reach had conquered Asia (still less those NKs, dang-it!), and we snuck into Cuba, too. We gained more than we lost in Africa. But we *still* don't own the world...

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Those maps can be made by visiting here. Well, that and some Photoshop action.

While we didn't make our goals this month of being at least 4th in the Weblog Awards (we're doing even worse in the Milbloggies) we did have the best month ever at Castle Argghhh!, thanks mainly to those rain-coated figures in the shadows googling last year's New Years Post. That worked so well, I gave them reason next year to google *this* year's post... But it's important to note that actual visitor (vice voyeur) traffic has shown a steady positive trend - even as links have been declining. Since we quit being all political and ranty, the linkage has dropped, but visits have increased... what's that say about bloggers? The other goal for the month was to break 1 million uniques served... but we'll do that in possibly less than two weeks. We've been over a million absolute visits (not counting bots, etc) for months. In 2004 we had 327,204 unique visits, 650,699 visits overall, not counting the 'bots, etc. In 2005 we had 687,785 uniques, with 1,573,585 visits overall. Most businesses would be satisfied with growth like that. I am, certainly!

We doubled our traffic over the year - actually 2.1 times the traffic of last year. If we can sustain that kinda growth (I'm not sure I want to, nor do I think we will) I may have to take up the blog-ad invitations I have to start paying the freight around here.

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All in all the news is pretty good 'round here, for the Castle as a concept, if not for several of the Denizens who suffered losses this year, whether family, friends, or property. And a job or two, as well. And that counts only those among the readership we know of. At the same time, there has been a lot of fun, and for that, we thank all of you! We've managed to keep this place pretty much Moonbat Free, and our Contrarians are interested in discussion and argument, not spittle-flecked tirades. Which we return in kind.

Our Top 10 Referrers this year are:

National Review's The Corner - Blogfather Jonah and K-Lo!
Hugh Hewitt
Les Jones
Mudville Gazette
Castle Adjutant Barb!
LT. Smash
Michelle Malkin
Kim du Toit

Woo-woo! A *Denizenne* made the Top 10!

Interestingly, aside from the home page, the Gun Rights Archive was the second most popular entry point over the year.

The single most popular post? This one.

But I'd like to take the time to thank you all for coming by - with a *Special Thanks* to those who comment, and share stuff for content. It makes this more fun *and* easier, to do, and keep doing.