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December 29, 2005

H&I Fires for the day...

New stand-alone complete posts will come in below. This is a running post to keep us amused.

Gut Rumbles is older than dirt. Sadly, with 23 out of 25, so am I. Of course Bill remembers the *invention* of dirt...

SGT Hook has his own Fiddler's Green story. Go read Gold Star Mom. Most of them are *not* Cindy Sheehan.

Bob Owens notes that 4 months after Hurricane Katrina, you wouldn't know it hit anywhere else but New Orleans. Welcome to the definition of news, Bob.

Speaking of the Hurricane, Chuck Simmins has the Carnival of Hurricane Relief #18 up, in case you have any gift-money left over from Christmas.

Speaking of left over money - Project Valour-IT still has a ways to go, if you are feeling generous. Or, as Fuzzybear Lioness notes in her comment:

Thanks for the Valour-IT link, John!

On the topic of Valour-IT, CPT Ziegenfuss recently wrote the following about his experience with the voice-control software:

I submit to you that the freedom that blogging, email, and general internet use provided me was second only to driving in allowing me to feel truly independent again. For a pittance, you can give a gift to an injured soldier that will give him him a fraction of the daily autonomy you enjoy, and return to him that which he so readily sacrificed on the altar of freedom... for you.

As I've said before: did any present you gave this Christmas have that kind of impact on its recipient?

More through the day, as the mood seizes me. Bill - you can add to this one too. Dusty is in the midst of sim-runs and tests, we're not going to hear from him. Hmmmm, Cassie, perhaps? Wotta thought!

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I've always liked Morgan Freeman, even though he never appeared as one of the regulars on the old Smothers Brothers show. And now I know why. From ALa via Dbie the AFSis.

Okay, so this isn't a link, but I wondered why one of my recently-returned buds has been so uncharacteristically quiet of late.

He went to China. And sent me the observation that some Chinese phrases do *not* translate well into English...

A roll of paper towel we bought was called "Chiefly Used in Rag."

A woman's boutique was named "I Go My Mold."

A sign on the taxis states "Psychos and drunkards must be accompanied."

Heh. Pete used to fracture his chats in Serbo-Croatian--I can just imagine what his Putonghua sounds like...

Ummm--your turn, Cassie. Unless you liked my e-gram suggestion better.

-- CW4Bill "Gave God the Recipe for Mud" T


Lex finds kindness in strangers, and faces yet a busy New Year, as he returns home from his sad Christmas. One thing about faith - in the back of the mnd, you know the dead are not truly gone - only gone on.

CDR Salamander is keeping an eye on the Brits - since they seem to want to keep an eye on everyone else.

Heh. Via David's Medienkritik, we see the Germans are perhaps reaping the whirlwind caused by their release of one of the killers of PO2 Stethem. Nothing breeds excess like success...

Oy, vey! And be careful when passing this guy!

When a loved one passes, the pain is deep - two legged or four.

-The Armorer