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December 28, 2005

Numismatist Alert

By now, everyone should be familiar with the state quarter series issued by the US Mint. Some have proven so popular with collectors that they have virtually disappeared from the market, inducing an artificial shortage that has increased the market value of those particular coins.

On the flip side (that one was for Punctilious), there have been so many *complaints* about one state quarter that the Mint has announced that it is recalling all still in circulation, which will induce an actual shortage which--no big surprise--will increase the market value of that quarter.

The center of controversy is the Oklahoma quarter, which was designed by students in the Graphic Arts Department of Oklahoma A&M. After an initial glitch in the actual minting was solved, people receiving these quarters in change discovered that they were not only too large to fit in the coin slot of vending machines and other coin-operated appliances, but the duct tape holding the two dimes to the nickel had a disturbing tendency to unravel...