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December 23, 2005

Some people are having *too* much fun

Such as the inestimable Fuzzybear Lioness, who is appears to be making a bid to displace Bad Cat Robot as the blogosphere's premier snarkstress.

Heh. Picking on the old guy.

Howsomever, she *did* manage to squeeze out a compliment

I don’t remember much of what we talked about, but I know I enjoyed myself. Maybe next time I’ll let him get a word in edgewise.

I have that effect on wimmin. I'm a walkin' 'rita, in that respect.

Unfortunately, the effect is usually short-lived and they get back to nit-picking as soon as the chocolate's gone...

Yeah I know--I still need to post the details of that particular journey from Helheim. I'm just taking a quick break from saving the Free World contractoring so's I can earn my keep. After all, John dragged my ass into this gig keeps threatening reminding me that I'm supposed to spend my entire waking life inject the occasional bit of humor into the proceedings around here...

Looking for a work-safe singing Christmas card? Crank it up--this is one everybody (except the Simon Legree who keeps peering over your cube wall) will enjoy. Nice research, Szilvi, Gergely and Zoltan.

H/t to V29.

And the Lady Christine weighs in with an updated (and whimsical) combination of The Night Before Christmas Meets It's A Wonderful Life.

Thanks, Ma'am!

Dbie the AFSister has a--well, sorta-kinda "work safe except for ry"--Christmas card.

Barb takes a non-PC peek at the season. And about the headphone warning? Be very afraid--you already know she's *not* a shrinking violet!

Geez--Santa working for the NSA? Jay over at Stop the ACLU has done the research. Tsk. Who'd a-thunk it...

Up in Alan's neck of the woods, Darcey of Dust My Broom takes a swipe (and connects) at the hypocrisy of Libs.

*sigh* Back to the grindstone.