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December 18, 2005

Answering Requests...

JTG asked for more A12 pics (and I've included the inline engined A8 he remembers...) and Master Chief Airdale was whining about Buffaloes...

First up, the A8/12 Shrikes.

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More here, here, and here.

Now for them Buffalo... they were popular aircraft for a while.

Here, a Brit, Dutch East Indies, a Finn, like both Bill and JTG mentioned, of course, we flew them, too.

And *at least one* turned coat, however reluctantly.

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Of course, the 30's were a time of ferment in the aircraft world... what with Lex's predecessors deciding that landing on the pitching deck of an aircraft carrier in crappy weather was too easy - so they went for the brass ring... or rather, steel ring suspended beneath the belly of an airship.

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Not to be outdone, however - here's Bill, as a younger aviator, participating in his signature Flying Rodeo event, Airplane Roping. Tying it off was a real challenge...!

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