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December 14, 2005

H&I Fires

CAPT H sends this along - things may well be changing in Canada. Nothing earth-shattering, just, change.

Conservative Leader Stephen Harper promised to significantly boost defence spending, part of a strategy to empower Canadian military to become more self-reliant.

"To be truly sovereign, we must be able to deploy our forces and equipment, where they are needed, when they are needed," he said Tuesday, speaking in Trenton, Ont.

Harper said it's a national embarrassment that Canada has had to rent Russian-made Antonovs or hitch a ride on U.S. C-17 transport planes for overseas missions.

"To put it bluntly, hitchers may get to their destination but they don't get to pick the route and timing," he said.

He also proposes to bring back the Paras, officially disbanded after an incident (the murder of a young man) in Somalia. The Canadian government's reaction to the incident in Somalia was one that some here in the US would have liked to have seen after Abu Ghraib - rather than just punish the individuals who did wrong and look at TTPs and oversight, we should have disbanded the MP Corps.

You can read the whole thing here.

Speaking of the Canadian Military... "Oops We Did It Again" (the Press, not the Canadians)

Commander Salamander has a post up about warriors who don't feel the need to practice being miserable - yet somehow still get the job done. Oh, there's something naval-y in there too, something about riverine warfare or somesuch.

Big Dog's Question of the Day revolves around the Death Penalty and the late Mr. Williams, formerly of the Crips, vice unborn children. While the Big Dog's post itself is fairly plain jane, the comments are interesting. And I'm not knocking the post - if what you want is discussion, you have to leave something open to discuss! If I try to do it all in one post, all y'all just read it and move on. Boooooring.

For those of you who follow such things - you'll be happy to know that the Patton Museum at Fort Knox *will not* be moving to Fort Benning when the Armor Center moves there as a result of the Army's realignment of schools. Scott is all over it. Army museums, based on the way they are funded, tend to be tied to units and functions (i.e., the history of a branch) and or units - and tend to move with the units (note the changes at Fort Hood as units have cycled there, for example). Kentucky didn't want to lose the museum, and fought for it. Hmmm. Even though Knox is closer than Benning - I get to Benning a lot more often than I get to Knox...

If you *ever* played Army as a kid... Craig Shoemaker will have you wetting your pants.

Kat is going to take us on in our own demesne! Kewl! Of course, Kat hasn't found a local conversation she *isn't* interested in... I'd join that one, except I simply haven't the time.

Sergeant B has been doing a little Moonbat Hunting.

Over at Fuzzybear Lioness' place - skip the post, go directly to the comments! We *used* to have fun like that at the Castle. I see the party moved west...

Bob Owens is keeping an eye on the New York Times.

Oops. Failing to Follow The Script.

This is going to be a surprise to the faith-based charity I'm a board member of... heheheheheh. We'll have to take the guy out, though. He's divined the Truth!