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December 11, 2005

Sunday H&I* Fires.

In which we take aim at the Denizens, and whatever else strikes our fancy.

Castle Philosopher Kat, aside from being all over the comments this week with book-length opii (worth reading) found the time to do this - a Kansas City Regional Round-up about Local Soldiers and Doings. Damn fine effort, Kat. She also weighs in on saluting, respect for the flag, etc.

SWWBO also went to the movie, had a horrible week at work, and has apparently gone insane, as her grip on reality has weakened considerably.

Fuzzybear Lioness is doing some traveling, and is putting out a call for local bloggers to have some micro-blogmeets. She's studying monkeys (perhaps in anticipation of meeting some at blogmeets) and is getting her prized toy back!

Blogson Sergeant B. had a relative on the USS Oklahoma. At Pearl Harbor.

Over at AFSis's jungle hideaway - she has an update on the cool Christmas light display we linked to a while ago... and my prediction, sadly, came true. She also has a lexico-philosophical question.

Adjutant Barb has a good link fest of her own, and got tagged by a meme.

MSG Keith is visited by a Queen and a Meme.

The Snarkatron takes us for a little trip in Anthropology, and cleans out her closet.

Over at The Grand Retort, Sanger reviews a book he liked in the past - after re-reading. Hiroshima. Some of that review has splashed over into comments here.

Alan has a suggestion that's interesting. Attract traffic! From the trollbots of the Chinese Government. Much as we'd hate losing the other traffic we get from them, we'll survive. They're not buying ads. However much Alan might like us jumping on his bandwagon - he'd really prefer we visited his Beer Blog. After you've been fortified with that, return for some philosophy (which always goes better with booze).

Punctilious offers up recipes, while Rammer offers up a reason why the Internet Is Good.

Jack of Random Fate is also following Alan's land seizure story - and keeping an eye on its US equivalents.

Don't miss the caption contest, "Howard Gets His Wings" at In The Right Place.

And don't forget to Vote For Us!

*Harassment and Interdiction Fires. Term of art from the Vietnam era. Basically shooting random and blind along known routes used by the bad guys, on the hope you get lucky - but mostly to make them nervous. Kinda like me here. Just randomly picking stuff and throwing it out for ya.