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December 07, 2005

H&I Fires

Hmmm. This explains a lot... [Oops! *This explains a lot* - my bad!...] why, in spite of #82, there are no little Donovan's running around, having had to marry-in a step-son despite all my procreative efforts...

Scott, the Environmental Republican, calls your attention to this project to support the troops this Christmas season (though frankly, the need is year-round).

Hmmmm. Just hmmmm. Some food for thought in here (gazing at scars and other indicators of clumsiness).

I don't care for Wes Clark as an individual, and have real grief with him as a Presidential contender... but I don't have any huge argument with his Op-Ed in the NYT. The military part. I'm less sure on the political part... but mostly, I admit, from ignorance. However, before you chime in with "he was talking to Arabs, so he must know what he means" let me observe I have worked with a fair number of Arabs - and it takes a long time to truly be able to parse their words to get to the true meanings when you are talking about important things. But I share his concerns about Iran.

The Right Place has the latest on the ACLU's Campaign Against Christmas.

Jay at Stop the ACLU has launched Operation Nativity...