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December 07, 2005

Meet the "Invisible" Enemy

kat-missouri usually cuts right to the chase. There's a minor-but-thought provoking thread going in the comments of John's The Nature of the Threat post--here's part of what she had to say:

Anyway, I wanted to say here, under John's post that one of the major problems that the American people have is that they cannot see the enemy. I mean that literally. So, we flip on some video (usually propaganda) from time to time showing some "insurgents" in Iraq. But, generally, like our men over there, they don't physically see them all the time. We certainly don't see them in Afghanistan and they don't see them in Pakistan or Indonesia. It's the invisible army.

Further, no journalist here has done an indepth report with visuals that show who, what and where these guys are today.

I thought she raised an excellent point.

Prepare to meet the enemy.

The following are excerpts from the investigation of Ramzi Hashem Abed, a captured Iraqi terrorist, which aired on Al-Fayhaa TV on August 12, and Al-Iraqiya TV on August 7, 2005.

Investigator: What organization do you belong to?

Abed: Ansar Al-Islam.

Investigator: What organization is this?

Abed: It is Bin-Laden's group.


Abed: Our Ansar Al-Islam military camps were in Halabja.

Investigator: This was in the days of the previous regime?

Abed: Yes.

Investigator: And now?

Abed: Now, there is nothing. They were all scattered. The training area was in Falluja.


Investigator: The groups you mentioned... Each group had a special mission?

Abed: Each group had suicide bombers, who are Afghans, not Iraqis.


Investigator: Slaughtering National Guardsmen and policemen - tell me about it.

Abed: Sir, the slaughtering was done by people who belonged to the Syrians.

Investigator: Syrians?

Abed: Yes, the slaughtering...

Investigator: From your own group?

Abed: No. There was a squad that came from the Syrian border.


Investigator: Did you rape anyone?

Abed: Only one, a relative of mine.

Investigator: A relative of yours. You kidnapped her and raped her?

Abed: No, we did not kill her.

Investigator: You didn't kill her, only raped her?

Abed: Yes.

The edited transcript is courtesy of CENTCOM--and there are others...

The information about them is out there, it's just being broacast to *Arab* audiences, not American.

You can find it on the public access website of a major Army Command, but you can't find it in the online pages of the "Newspaper of Record" or the WaPo or the L.A. Times.

Heh. I wonder if *this* excerpt will turn the MSM around...

Investigator: What is Al-Hisk?

Abed: It is the Kurdish neighborhood. We hit them, and we also hit the Communist headquarters, in Mosul.

Investigator: The Communist party in Al-Mosul?

Abed: Yes.

Wahabism. Delenda. Est.

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