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December 07, 2005

Living and Driving on Post...

For those of you who operate *any* vehicles on DoD installations... FYI. From the Leavenworth PMO:

6. NEW DOD CELL PHONE POLICY IS INSTITUTED. Beginning 1 May 2003, cell phone use in a government vehicle at any time, on post or off post, or in a private vehicle while conducting government business or driving on post, is restricted to a "Hands Off" policy. You must both pull over and put your vehicle in park to use your cell phone, or use a no-hands device of some type to use your cell phone while driving. In other words, your hands must be on the steering wheel at all times while using a cell phone. DOD police will start enforcing this policy, which is consistent with GSA regulations and most DOD installations, on 1 be prepared!

Note the *date*... 2003. What came out in email today was a WARNO of *enforcement*. Sometimes if takes a while for the message to get to the tail of the dinosaur from the head... Snerk!