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December 06, 2005


*squeezing between posts to keep John's bleg up top*

This contractor gig is pretty interesting--I'm on an Army project headed up by a gummint manager who decided it was 'way too complex for him better handled by civilians, so it's contracted to a primary, who decided that it's got the potential to cream them gonna be of sufficient duration to justify hiring a subcontractor, who also saw the writing on the wall figured that a bunch of retired Army guys would find their way around with absolutely no a minimum of training.

Heh. My team consists of a retired division CSM, a West Pointer Gulf War vet (who thoughtfully *doesn't* attempt to amputate your nose with his ring), two crusty old Chief Warrants and the former Log NCO for an independent brigade.

And the nice thing is, there's a secretary who keeps us all from getting into more trouble than you'd believe too far off the mark by providing us with office intel--such as where she keeps the coffee filters--and a gummint Project Manager who's up-front about working conditions.


*squeezing back between posts to resume normal cubicality between transcontinental jaunts*