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December 11, 2005

Weblog Awards and a bleg...

Since voting is open for 10 days, I'm going to be lazy and keep this up here for a while... so you can link in to vote whenever you show up... new content will slip in below.

The polls are open!

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Don't forget - you can vote once every 24 hours in each category...

And you should vote for the Blogfather (The Corner), here.

See The Bleg in the Flash Traffic/Extended Entry.

Second, the bleg. No, not to shill us for Best Milblog - we are what we are there, and I don't intend to ask anyone to mount an Oscar-style PR campaign. Nope, this is visits!

To date, the best month for visitors was August 2005, with 67,000 or so uniques.

The sitemeter sits at 920K at the moment, and at current rates, we'll bust 1 million next month, in January. I wanna try to do that *this* month, just on a whim, as a Cheep Christmas Present for the Armorer, Dusty, and Bill. Won't cost ya a dime. Heck, if you've got computers at home and at work, that's two uniques a day... Of course, hmmmmm, there are like *50* computers at least on this floor right here... (scurry scurry scurry)

Don't break any rulez!

Comments on Weblog Awards and a bleg...
Barb briefed on December 5, 2005 11:36 AM

Heh - I'm pretty sure all 3 of my beasties at home show the same addy - because I hide behind ICF. But we'll see how many F&F can be enticed to help speed you guys on the way ;-)

NOTR briefed on December 5, 2005 10:56 PM

Sitemeter at 920k! Awesome! I figure at my current rate I too will see that number on my blog sometime in the year 2035!

Anyhow it's well earned guys! Hooah!

Patrick briefed on December 6, 2005 01:36 AM

I wish you well.

Patrick briefed on December 6, 2005 01:36 AM

I wish you well.

John of Argghhh! briefed on December 6, 2005 06:25 AM

Thank you Patrick - I hope that only means you voted once... today!

Matty is running away with this, and it looks like the others have started to organize.

We're gonna be lucky to hold to our fourth from last year, I 'spect.

But, in truth, we aren't the blog the we used to be, either.

This is less stressful at my end, and in some ways, we're coasting on momemntum.

Lyn briefed on December 6, 2005 09:42 AM

Congrats on your nomination.

Because of your influence, I wanted to share with you a project that my friend in Texas is undertaking called "Welcome Home Soldier" - where each returning serviceman or woman can receive a free CD honoring their commitment to serve our country.

If this seems worthy to you, please spread the word...

Here are some sites promoting it...

Thanks! Lyn at Bloggin' Outloud

Beth @ My VRWC briefed on December 6, 2005 11:26 AM

This Zoomie's casted her vote for you!

cw4(ret)billt briefed on December 6, 2005 01:14 PM

Looks like the numbers took a respectable jump from yesternight. Everybody's did, in fact.

Hmmmm--maybe BCR can figure a way to link a unique visit to Argghhh! with each vote cast--for anybody, in any category...

Raymond B briefed on December 6, 2005 04:49 PM

I put a vote in for you from work, you do a good job with the site. Good luck.
Raymond B

Kelley Weber briefed on December 6, 2005 09:35 PM

I read your comments about Darren Howe and the city of Beatrice.
I wanted to tell you Thank You for all that you and your friends did during Darren's funeral. Wow, I can't even begin to tell you what a difference you made that day. Darren's mother is my close friend and my son Jake is a friend of Darren's and his brother.
During the viewing that terrible freak show called the Phelps family showed up with their signs---my son Jake was horrified. Jake also spent a year in Iraq and lost several of his friends/Brothers while they were there. For these people to be so evil to do what they are doing. You hero's showed up at the perfect time. I don't know which one you are but Jake tried to shake each and everyone of your hands. He stood with you blocking the freak show and proudly supporting not just Darren but everything you and your friends stand for.
You are one of my hero's. I will never forget the honor you brought to Darren's funeral. The respect you showed my dear friend and the gift of pride you gave to my son that afternoon at the fox funeral home.
God Bless you and Welcome home.
I will never forget!
Kelley Weber

MCart briefed on December 6, 2005 09:59 PM

I wouldn't say this blog is coasting on momentum... But I don't have access to your IIS logs.. In any case, there is a difference between this site and Blackfive, and to me, neither is 'superior' to the other. They offer different things. Humor exists at Blackfive, but for the most part, the content is serious as a heart attack. It's packaged nicely, it's well presented, but it's pretty much all business...

And that's a good thing.

Argghhh!! is a bit more casual, like I imagine a friendly local pub. But a thematic pub, mostly related to the military, old and new. (Duh)

Both sites get out good information, and keep things in perspective. I frequent Argghhh more often myself, but I'm never dissapointed when I want more data, more cold, hard, 'whiskey tango foxtrot is wrong with my countrymen' info and go to Blackfive. (See the 'get well' card story... WTF I mean REALLY... WTF..)

I also like the slightly stronger focus on that which came before at Argghhh... Older wargear and older warfighters.

In any case, I think I found you both through Sgt. Hook!

cw4(ret)billt briefed on December 7, 2005 11:32 AM

MCart, you might have hit on something. But you've gotta remember that us older warfighters have a bit of a problem with focus at times.

Especially me. Last year, my sight dropped to 20/25 in the right eye 20/23 in the left one...

Neffi briefed on December 7, 2005 07:11 PM

No prob, Chief- just *squint* on final. It works and also gives you that '50 mission crush' look...
...and remember this line- "Ahh, everyone lands back there at the threshold- I like *this* spot!"
Works for me...
[skwinting at keebord]

John of Argghhh! briefed on December 7, 2005 09:19 PM

Ahhh, landing long - in sim or in real life, my signature. They built it, why not use it?

cw4(ret)billt briefed on December 8, 2005 05:49 AM

Neffi - That 50-mission crush is what your *hat* is supposed to look like, not your face.

Geez, John'll start calling me a pencil-necked shar-pei...

Besides--only 50 missions? I got more than *that* in a month, sometimes...

Barb briefed on December 8, 2005 09:08 PM

Aha! I see the Christmas decorations are up :-)

Love the banners, John !!

John of Argghhh! briefed on December 8, 2005 09:28 PM

I went for subtle... and it's been instructive... old timers generally don't register the banners much, unless they are as different as the April Fools ones I had Pam make for us.

John of Argghhh! briefed on December 8, 2005 09:29 PM

Oh - and thanks!

Wild Bill briefed on December 8, 2005 10:35 PM

Nice decorations, does anyone here have any information on the Christmas Truce(1914)? I've been looking all over ut I haven't been able to fins much. Great blog! I voted for you at the awards.

Wild Bill briefed on December 8, 2005 10:36 PM

Nice decorations, does anyone here have any information on the Christmas Truce(1914)? I've been looking all over ut I haven't been able to fins much. Great blog! I voted for you at the awards.

MCart briefed on December 8, 2005 10:53 PM

Er, sorry BillT... I meant WW1 and prior vintage.. Pretty sure you don't meet that bar. ;) (Althought now I feel a strange urge to look up the date the Autogyro was invented)

Speaking of WW1, I second Wild Bill's request for tales of the Christmas Truce.

ry briefed on December 9, 2005 12:48 PM

"Especially me. Last year, my sight dropped to 20/25 in the right eye 20/23 in the left one..." Don't feel to bad Chief. I'm 20/35 in the left eye, and 20/50 in the right. Without contacts I'm not legal to drive while 3 years ago I was 20/20 in both.
Shiite, you still the man. (and that Dutch beer is gooooooood).

cw4(ret)billt briefed on December 9, 2005 01:04 PM

Ry - Dutch beer? Heh. You're back in Ed's place again...

Although there *are* a couple of bottles of River Horse Tripel that appear to be AWOL from the fridge in the garage.

Heh. The 10%-by-volume might explain how you got turned around.

ry briefed on December 9, 2005 01:32 PM

Man, just read Sanger's newest book review. Very nice. Much more the man could say, he lays some positions down that need more explanation if one is to understand comming from the opposite opinion---but the good part is that he leaves himself room to do just that. Sanger laid out the basics of his case in a compact form. Worth the read, and why didn't John put more emphasis on what Sanger had going on there, eh? Slacker.

Turned around, turned into a gold fish, who cares. It still tastes good. Where's the HBO?

ry briefed on December 9, 2005 01:35 PM

Eh, and why does the Hog driving Rudolph not have a red nose? Hmmm?

SangerM briefed on December 9, 2005 04:41 PM

Ahoj all... Re: the Hiroshima review, I rewrote that yesterday after a night of heavy review and all. I was really not happy with the first version, I think the 2nd more clearly gets at what i was trying to say without making it sound like I was 'glad' we dropped the bomb on Japan, which I am and was not. I was just trying to understand and explain more about how I felt about the book... I hope the 2nd one is better to anyone who goes back to read that too.

As for discussion, Ry, don't fret it not coming up (nor make an issue). I just wanted to get it out there on 7 Dec, but I should have waited 'till I'd worked it. As it was, it really wasnät very good. and may in fact, still not be to some folks tastes... I understand completely.

Asd for old guys, yeah, Bill, I caught that little boastful edge, down to 20/25 and 20/23... I do the same to folks. I was 20/15, but now I'm 20/need walmart glasses to see things close. Not bad for a guy who was born when there were only 48 states, eh?

And Neffi, glad to see you made it back.

All's well to all.

Oh yeah, and I like the decorations to. And I'm going to put up the Nativity stuff on Grand Retort too. I figure the Jews on the ALCU are going to give the rest of us a bad name if some of us don't get louder about our support for people practising their religion however they want to (as long as I don't need to start hiding on Easter)....

(a little dark humor there, if you don't get it, that's probably a good thing)


ry briefed on December 9, 2005 10:04 PM

Actually, Sanger. YOur position is about the baseline of my own. It happened. We dropped it. It changed the world. No more barbaric than anything else that occured in that war.

Just sayin' that if you're gonna convert the folk that want it to be a symbol of American blackheartedness you left room to do so.

cw4(ret)billt briefed on December 10, 2005 07:18 AM

Hi, Guys! My dad was briefed on his job for Operation Olympic: close air support for the first wave until he ran out of fuel, ordnance, or heartbeats.

He said the happiest news he'd gotten to that day in his life was the announcement that the war was over--cuz if anybody's curious enough to check the stats on the survival odds of F4U pilots flying CAS in the Pacific, you'll discover that a snowball had about the same chance of remaining intact on Miami Beach in August.

Just sayin'...ya know?

CDR Salamander briefed on December 10, 2005 10:22 AM

Serial complete.

Patrick briefed on December 10, 2005 06:00 PM

Your doing well!
And in answer to your earlier comment, I only voted once that day. I must have hit "post" twice...
Good luck!

MCart briefed on December 13, 2005 01:16 PM

Interesting, SangerM. I must have the original version of the book. (Poor thing is falling apart) No extra chapter at the end.

Personally, I have found the book reinforces my personal feelings of vindication for Truman on down, regarding the design, construction, testing, and application of the Atomic Bomb.

I see a city (Hiroshima) on a clear war footing, producing goods for the nations war machine. (East Asia Tin Works, people making uniforms, etc)

I see a people completely unaware or uncaring of Japans conduct during the war regarding other civilian populations. (1.2 million Chinese soldiers, and 11.5 million Chinese civilians, wiped out) More on this later...

I see a city full of people preparing to fight down to the last person. Recall a man manually dismantling his own home, board by board to clear a firebreak, uncomplaining. People who completely and utterly accepted the Emperor's word as divine leadership. Illustrated by the peoples reaction to his radio address, not because some new invention or technology made it possible, but because The Emperor deigned to speak to regular citizens.

No, i'm GLAD we dropped both bombs. My initial read of the book at... probably somewhere between age 10 and 13, possibly even younger, has resulted in a change over time as well. I've always been awed by the power of Atomic weapons, but as a kid it somewhat upset me that they were used against humans, or at least against civilians. Through the stories in the book, I felt like I somehow knew these people, and that they couldn't possibly warrant such treatment. Later in life studying history I filled in the gaps of why such an awesome weapon was brought to bear, and how the human cost balances against Japan's conduct during the war. Re-reading the book is very different for me now. I do not enjoy their suffering, but neither do I feel a lot of pity, no more so than I would for any wounded or surrendered enemy. Respect perhaps, but not a lot of pity.

Dropping those bombs saved lives on both sides, assuming 'Olympic' or a similar offensive would have otherwise taken place. And I am confident that Japan's military leadership would have held out long enough to make at least the beginnings of such an attack inevitable. I think the bombs also both prevented open hostilities betwen the US and the Soviets, and kept Stalin interested in something other than Japan's bioweapons programs.

As for atrocities... I'm kind of torn on which of the Axis nations offends me more.. How does one weigh the uncaring treatment and execution of a 'sub-human' society that is somehow 'less' than you, against a deliberate attempt to seek out and viciously demean, torture and exterminate a people based on their religion.. I guess I have to look more at what social changes were wrought by the war, instead of which nation most deserved punishment for its actions. I feel the abrupt breaking of Japan's nationalistic god-worship of its leader was healthier and better for the Japanese people, post-war than any similar attack on Germany may have been for the German people. I can't imagine any use of an Atomic weapon on a German city bringing about such positive change in the German people. Since weapon quantities were limited, I think they were best spent in Japan, and as far as killing humans can be, it was a good thing.

But it is an interesting book.