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November 28, 2005

Okay, Okay. Context *Isn't* Everything.

'Pears that accuracy in writing code is also right up there.

Grumpf. There's more to this bloggin' thing than meets the eye. Especially if what's supposed to meet the eye *doesn't*...

F'r instance, if you dropped in here and clicked away at the links and didn't see this bit of etchery

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or the foundry's marque

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it's because I bollixed the code. Looks like I'm a magnet a$$ for stupid bit more of a tyro than I'd thought. Anyway, John got it in one--what a surprise. I never thought he'd recognize them in sunlight. And, for your edification, here's the context

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and--ta-daaaah!--the verification.

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Soooo, how did the Water Battery's antiques wind up at Fort Lewis? Here's one theory:

Fort Lewis is in the state of Washington, the capitol of which is Olympia; Admiral Dewey's flagship was the cruiser Olympia. The night after the Battle of Manila Bay, some sailors from the Olympia were sitting around Emiliano's Cantina and one of 'em said, "You know, I'll bet we could score some points with the babes back in Olympia if we brought those two shiny carriage anchors back. I'll betcha it'll only take fifty of us to carry 'em back to the ship." So, the fifty sailors hefted the guns and were enroute back to the boat, but soon tired and decided they needed some additional porters. They left the guns and went in search of their other shipmates.

A Warrant Officer sauntered by, saw the guns, thought they'd look great on his lawn, tucked one under each arm and walked off.

As I said, it's a theory...


Anyhow, botching the code kinda serves me right for throwing in pix of bowling ball launchers. Next time, I'll stick with the really *good* stuff, like

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the Cobra gunner's view of the bombardier's station after the bombardier's been watching the Cobra get closer--and then remembers *his* guns are dummies.

Ummmm--*that's* a theory, too...