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November 27, 2005

Testing... testing...

Amy of Prochien Amy just did you guys who use older laptops or 800 pixel resolution a big favor. She fixed the stylesheet so that it displays properly - with a functional scrollbar (I wasn't willing to give up the three-column format for you guys... yet). Amy has done some tweaks for SWWBO, too - like her entire redesign.

I know it works in IE and Netscape - at least on my machine. I'd appreciate any feedback about problems - and please tell me what browser you are using if you are having a problem!


Heh. While I have you here, I should send you to this video, provided by The Queen of All Evil(I linked to one of her tasty rants), via SWWBO and her Ad Blog!!!

And remember: It *could* be true, and that's all that matters!

What the heck - go visit MSG Keith and see his Christmas lights!

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