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November 27, 2005

Context is everything

Remember this?

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No problem if you don't--John was the only one to get really excited about it. And it *is* a Lange Morser--and here it is in context (which is what gave John the chuckle in the comments).

To the victors belong the spoils. Pretty much every military organization in the world agrees with that, judging by some of the items you see on military bases.

Like this, f'r instance.

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Cast in the days when a gun was also a work of art, which is probably the reason so many are now souvenirs. This one's Spanish. The year's not visible, but it's 1755.

And it was taken in battle by American forces.

Hmmmmm. Wonder who'll beat John to the type (that shouldn't be hard, unless he happens to be staying up late) and I wonder who'll guess closest to which war was its last...

Oh, yeah--the "context" pic will give you a chuckle. And when John finishes googling every Western Hemispherical war since Eric the Red bumped heads with the skraelings...heh.