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November 26, 2005

Caption Contest!

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H/t to The Admiral of the Moat Fleet for the pic.

I'll get you started:

"Of course it's photoshopped! An *aviator* pushing? Puh-leeze, if it was legit, at best he'd be behind the wheel, most likely at the club waiting for the rest of them to get there..."

If this pic is too lame - try this contest, at In the Right Place!

Boquisucio also finds another use for tampons (link removed, see below) besides staunching blood (not work safe on the periphery, Boq searches in out-of-the-way corners).

Update: Mr. Spencer, in his comment, provides the original source for the tampon use, which you can see here (and it *is* work-safe! Well, except for Ry) and it won't be hotlinked from that russian site, the the guys who created it, The Box O' Truth, will get full credit and benefit.

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