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November 25, 2005

Entrepreneurial thinking, part A, part B.

Two emails, one right after another, one new post...

Part A: Entrepreneurship, private enterprise style:

"THE ROCK" SURVIVES IED BLAST [W. Thomas Smith Jr.] I've just learned that during an operation near Baghdad, this morning, one of our armored vehicles - a brand new one unofficially referred to as "The Rock" - was hit by an IED. The vehicle sustained no major damage, and - best of all - ZERO injuries were suffered by passengers or crew.

Full text of Smith's post, here. Link to original reporting on the subject here, at

Hmmm. Mebbe my next truck will be built "Ford-Tough" on an F-550 chassis, body by Granite Engineering...

H/t, Mike D.

B. Entrepreneurship, Big High-Inertia Governmental Agency Style (but entrepreneurship, nonetheless...)

A note from Commander Salamander:


Being that you were one of the first to find this of interest last year....I thought you would like the update. The CNO is serious. It will take another 18 months to get there....not quite fast....but it is coming.


A bit to tease you with...

Friday, November 25, 2005 Greybeards wanted: Back to Brown Water V More right thinking and the right words from Navy leadership about taking back a traditional and ill-served warfare area – Riverine.

His post is here.

Raymond - *this* is how it's supposed to work.

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