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November 25, 2005


Comments should be topical to the post, or at least tied to the inevitable drift. Yesterday, Ray B. posted an inapt screed in the comments of my "Happy Thanksgiving" Post. I emailed him about it, and he apologized. Then he does it again this morning on the post about Beth emailing me to get coffee. So I wander over to the brand-new blog he posts on and find what he's actually doing is posting his posts in my comments. This one to the Happy Thanksgiving post, followed by this one on the "emailing for coffee" post. Both comments since deleted but you can read what he had to say in the links.

I don't mind people emailing me links to their posts in the hope I'll link to them. But when you dump off-topic stuff into comments, that is just a copy of a post on your blog - that fits my definition of spam. It's rude. And it's using my bandwidth, paid for by me, to advertise your product, without my permission, and for free. I don't provide this space, nor have open comments, for that purpose.

It's using *my soapbox* for your own purposes. And it basically constitutes unauthorized advertising on my site - I have a policy for that - Raymond technically owes me $1000.00 right now (check the right sidebar, Raymond).

While I have nits to pick with what Raymond says in his posts, he's got a right to his opinion and they aren't moonbat - but I'm getting royally pi$$ed he seems to think this is a billboard for his work, and doesn't even do me the courtesy of asking. Note to new bloggers - this is *not* the way to impress people.

Stop it, fella. NOW.

Yeah, I know, I just gave him links and everything. Maybe now he'll leave me alone, or at least play nice. That or he's going to get banned, and the only other person banned from the Castle is Beth's stalker. It's not company you want to be in Raymond.