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November 21, 2005

Ah, the memories!

Pictures like this kick in the reflexive trips down memory lane... I can almost smell the JP8. And the smell of diesel exhaust on cold-enough-to-freeze-nosehair mornings will always carry me back to Maneuver Rights ARTEPS... those who know, know.

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11/14/05 - U.S. Marine Corps 2nd Lt. Jim A. Neville of Delta Company, 2nd Tank Battalion, sits on the top of an M1A1 Main Battle Tank during an early morning sunrise in Batra, Iraq, Nov. 14, 2005. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Robert R. Attebury)

There are very few pictures of The Armorer As Lieutenant, as he was usually Hosting provided by FotoTimebehind the camera, and most of the pictures he took during the era were lost in moves (or one very bad bout of temper). But I did find this website which, while it's the 11th ACR, could just as well have been 1/46 Infantry, 2/81 Armor, or 1/22 FA, units where the Armorer spent his Lieutenancy. Same era. Ah, Wildflecken!

The only difference between this M113 and the Armorers FIST M113 is mine would have 4 antennae on it.

Turning to other topics, and recycling this posting surface...

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