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November 18, 2005

Heh. This just looks dumb to me.

Calling Murtha's bluff.

Absent a large defection of Democrats who would be unwilling to go on record at this point asking for a withdrawal, I see this as mostly a losing proposition for the GOP. If it's a party-line vote, it's meaningless in effect, and provides the Dems a propaganda victory, doesn't it?

If it's a loss, that's a disaster.

So, unless there is an unlikely number of Democrats to vote against the measure... isn't this just shooting themselves in the foot?

I dunno - but I don't see much chance of an upside for the GOP on this, and the potential to start a ball rolling they'd really rather not see moving.

And given the leadership's crappy track record at party discipline... but hey, my political ear is high-grade tin. Anybody else got some smart thoughts?

Others, smarter'n/more informed than I - blogging it:

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The Political Teen has video.

Update. Studiously ignoring the whole thing last night, in favor of spending the Evening with Kat of The Middle Ground (about which more later), I see that the vote on the issue was 403 - 3 Against pulling out of Iraq immediately. My Tin Ear is intact.

Heh. Even Murtha wouldn't vote for his own proposal.


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