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November 17, 2005

Some good news, something funny.

A little good news from Iraq, via the Partamian Report.

More good stuff, this time from Colonel McMaster, 71st Colonel of the 3rd Armored Cavalry regiment, reporting out about the battle for Tal Afar.

Now for something funny. Making lemonade out of lemons.

What is wrong with this picture, of a product from a store in the Pentagon?

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CAPT H. knows...

...and here is how you make lemonade from a lemon.

The Armorer at Argghhh! also wishes it known that in his guise as the Forester of Argghhh and Chief Engineer of the Castle Argghhh Garden Railroad Company, he has reached out to New Zealand to help prevent Gnomelessness, (through the good offices of Murray of Silent Running who's shop it is) and will, upon the arrival of the fiddly bits, be able to report out on the repopulation of the region. Why is this important? Because some years ago, Castle Argghhh's demesne was burlged (outside, in the Bailey) and a Gargoyle purloined. This scared away the Gnomes and we wish to lure them back.

Now that the Leavenworth Police have put a crimp put in the Thief's activities, the time seems ripe for this.

We may also have to try out Murray's paper models and trebuchet, and I wonder if I can talk She Who Will Be Obeyed into that miniature Lorica Segmentata...

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