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November 14, 2005

Cleaning up some stuff from the inbox.

Sadly, my cubicle is back to looking like most of yours (who work in Dilbertville, anyway).

Fuzzybear Lioness notes Devotion to Duty.

From Stop the ACLU:

Even though with my Irish blood (of course, there's just as much English in there, too) I'm supposed to hate all she stands for, I'll stand with the Queen on this one.

The MSM doesn't seem to have much interest in this story about 2,000 Muslims in anti-christian rampage. Bet if we swapped the words Christian and Muslim they'd be all over it.

And, of course, Mr. Newdow is offended every time he turns around.

Carnival Barker Punctilious notes that Myopic Zeal is hosting a Red White and Blue Carnival of the Recipes.

Another casualty of Hurricane Katrina - the USS Alabama. Showing why Navies put to sea and avoid or ride out storms out there, rather than chance being beached. She's a tough old bird, she'll be okay. Some of the stuff inside that museum building, however... (h/t, Larry K.)

Happy Birthday to the Secretary of State, Dr. Rice. Heh. It's Prince Charle's birthday today, too, but I'm afraid the Prince of Wales doesn't impress me nearly as much as his mother does, much less Dr. Rice.

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On this day in 1942, the loss of the USS Juneau, including the 5 Sullivan Brothers.

Speaking of the Sullivan Brothers - here's a nice piece from the Rocky Mountain News about one of the hardest jobs in the military for people who aren't deployed. H/t, Tony J.

In closing - how about some Gun Pr0n?

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