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November 12, 2005

It's over. We did it. Good on us!

Team Number of Donations Amount Raised Average Donation
Navy 223 $23,831.76 $106.87
Army 258 $23,652.57 $91.68
Marines 209 $19,607.00 $93.81
Air Force 123 $11,114.11 $90.36
Unaffiliated 154 $10,128.00 $65.77
Totals 967 $88,333.44 $91.35

Details here at the Project Valour-IT blog.

In the "Race to the Swift" category, first to the goal of $21K, the winner was the Army.

In the "In it for the Long Haul" category, the Navy wins thus far. I only say 'thus far' because the mailed-in donations haven't all been tabulated. I *assume* they're checking post marks...

But the *REAL DEAL* is the graphic below - Blogs Working Together, we raised $88K for Project Valour-IT. I don't know what our average exposure was, based on total blog readership (and we can't go by just sums, since many donees read several of the participating blogs, but I think we did pretty well, to get almost 1000 people to donate. At a cost of really little more than our time. Not bad for a buncha amateurs.

Big shout out to to all of you who participated - but the biggest go to CPT Ziegenfuss and Fuzzybear Lioness - whose dream-made-reality this project truly is.

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Thank you, one and all!

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