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November 10, 2005

Prepping for tomorrow

Okay, I don't get here as often as I should. Sometimes Real Life gets overly-intrusive, sometimes retreating-brain-stall sets in for an extended stay, sometimes priorities change.

But there are a few priorities that should be forged in steel...

Tomorrow is Veteran's Day. As the years have gone by, this has become only another, almost meaningless, holiday to many.

Veterans of the Second World War are dying at a rate of 2000 each day.

Never forget to thank them for your way of life. They paid dearly for the freedom we all enjoy.

Think of them tomorrow and thank them.

Soon, all too soon, there will be not one left for you to thank...

Right-click and save-as, then paste the URL to your window. It's only a three-minute show.

Three short minutes.

But that's longer than many lived after the C-47s hit the drop zone, or Lead reached the IP, or the klaxon sounded for an emergency dive, or the portside watch spotted the sunglint from an incoming raid, or the Higgins boats dropped their ramps...

Hand salute* to Vulture Two-Niner
*those who know, know...

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