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November 05, 2005

Saturday - and oddly, we aren't working.

I mean that. Usually when we do something like this we work on weekends. But not this one! Whee! Today I am going up to Atlanta to hand with Donnie of Cadillac Tight. Been wanting to meet Donnie for a long time.

The Navy Eagle examines Army Artillery. Why not? I ramble on about things naval...

So, what have the Denizens been up to lately?

Sergeant B, explains the difference between soldiers and mobs... inspired by Thunder 6.

MSG Keith speaks of riding out Wilma.

Jack at Random Fate is looking inward. Bon Chance, Jack - to your father and you.

SWWBO is dealing with Jerks (I am *never* there, dammit! I coulda had sooo much fun!), contemplating life and death, finds the public face of the Democrat party to be baffling (and takes a swipe at Prince Charles, too), is a Synthetic Wireless Worldwide Battle Organism (here we're an Artificial Robotic Guardian Generated for Hazardous Harm and Hunting. I can live wit dat.). But most importantly - she's put the names to the faces at the Blogmeet (disregard the crazy guy at the bottom of her post, he just wandered in from Rocky Top to deliver the squeezin's and left).

Punctilious and Rammer are just all over the place... though mostly foody!

Alan makes one of his relatively rare but always interesting forays into the world of politics, vice policy. He's always about policy.

The Snarkatron (aka Bad Cat Robot) continues the Denizenne fecklessness and deserts to the Navy. All the gurls heading to the Navy explains their lead. I just want to find the website where all the boobie pics are... I *might* donate to the Navy for that...

AFSister gets into Irony and the New World Order.

Fuzzybear Lioness *is* Project Valour-IT. It's her idea. Her Baby. And she's all over it, go here for a all-service roundup. Think about it - how many of you have had an idea about how to help others, then organized a group of disparate people to get together and raise tens of thousands of dollars to make it happen? Not many, I'm thinking. Good on ya, Fuzz.

Barb is offering up some Gun Pr0n, and shilling for the Marines - *she's giving away T-shirts...*. Personally, she offers up a wet t-shirt pic, *I'll* donate*!

Hmmm... Fuzzy - that might be your money-maker right there.... it will get the troops donating!

Another Denizenne Deserter, Kat, takes up the subject of Free Speech.

Lastly, Castle Operative Jim C smuggled out (via Korea, no less) the storyboards for a new recruiting campaign. For the next few days, we'll be leaking out the new ads... Starting with the Army... moving through all the services, and ending with the new Army-internal ad campaign, designed by the same vendor.

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*No Barb, you have to be in it while it's wet, too - the classic wet-t, not some snarky rule-shaving one where you're wearing a bustier or something. I know you!