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November 04, 2005

Interesting tidbits.

Rear Admiral Desmond Piers, RCN. Someone you should know. I especially like this part:

"If our ship gets hit near the shore, we will run the ship right up on the beach and keep firing our guns until the last shell is gone."

Too right!

Noah Schactman of Defense Tech dropped me a note and suggested you guys might be interested in some of his recent stuff - since he just came back from Iraq, and spent time with the Baghdad Bomb Squad, and has some insight into soldier morale.

Melvin Laird, architect of Vietnamization, mentor to Secretary Rumsfeld, on Iraq and Vietnam.

Send Risawn Down Under!

The guys at Silent Running have pretty much adopted Risawn of Incoherant Ramblings - who blogged her tour as a medic in one of the Forgotten Deployments, Kosovo.

Greetings from the bottom of the world multiple undisclosed recipients. As you are all participating in the Free Piglet Campaign - indeed some of you have even used the Crusader Piglet graphic I created (approved) - I'd like to let you know about the Free Piglet products that we're now offering.

Rather than cash in on what we see as an attack on one of the most loved characters in our culture, all proceeds are going towards helping sponsor a trip to New Zealand and Australia for Risawn (AKA Kami Erickson). We felt she could use a holiday after her tour as medic in Kosovo. Our way of showing some direct support for the US Military with a side benefit of ensuring that the liberals here don't get the funny idea they're in control of anything.

For those of you who don't know Risawn she came to fame as the "Not Sorry" girl being pictured in uniform with an M203. She also writes the blog Incoherant Ramblings After her fine showing as the Not Sorry chick with a gun she was elected patron Goddess of Silent Running and has gathered a solid following of minions around the world. As Piglet himself is of course already well and truly copywriten Kami produced an original artwork for the merchandise in the form of the Crusader Pig based on my original image and we'll be auctioning off her original artwork in due course. The Crusader Pig has the added bonus of being able of free himself and cheerfully displays the Cross that some are now trying to ban from things like the British flag and the flags of half the Commonwealth and possible Christian Churchs. Who knows these days.

Anyway, hopefully we'll be able to give her the holiday of a life time before she goes back to school next year. A number of people in both New Zealand and Australia are offering accommodation and assistance with travel and activities. I'm hoping that this will become something we can offer other servicemen who want to visit as well.

Naturally any attention you could direct this way would be greatly appreciated in spirit if not in actual linkage. Still working on that blogroll thingee.

The post announcing the opening of the shop and a donation button are here.


Murray SR

Lastly - I recently posted an email I got showing why it's fun to be the Armorer. Then there are these emails, which I really suspect are more trolling by ATF agents than serious offers (especially considering the IP address trail in the header - Herndon, VA as the origin). You should have seen the one I got from the guy in the south wanting to sell serviceable Hotchkiss machine guns putatively recovered from a river in the south, lost there during a WWII training exercise... I advised him to turn them over to law enforcement or a military museum, and quickly, as the longer he sat on them, the harder it was going to be to convince a federal prosecutor he wasn't up to no good. Nothing personal there, guys - but I like my collection, don't want to give it to you for free *and/or* go to jail... So, here's the email and my response. If it *is* ATF guys, they at least know their Spanish (the question marks). This could also be perfectly legit. Let's see if Ricardo responds. As I note in my response, if it can be done legally, I know the people who can do it. If it can't - not interested, thankyouverymuch.

I have two cannons for sale , one Krupp 1909 75 mm and another 75 mm from 1940 Argentinian made . Both in excelent condition . ¿ doyou buy this kind of cannons ? Thank you Regards Ricardo

My response:

I'm always interested in things like this, Ricardo. And if I can't afford them, I know people who can.


1. Where are they? According to your email address, you are in Argentina. Is that where the guns are? If so, import into the US is problematic, requiring import permits and the guns will have to pass through a licensed importer. That can be done, I know importers who do that, and they might well be willing to buy them themselves, anyway.

2. If the guns are in the US and are serviceable and on the National Firearms Registry (i.e., they are transferable under the law), I can't buy them because of restrictions imposed by my state of residence. If they are deactivated, I can, however. That said - I do know people who can legally acquire them and would be interested, so if you have any pictures, please send them along and I will forward to my friends and see if they are interested.

Regardless, thank you for your interest!