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November 03, 2005

Today, this was my cubicle... Red Staplers here!

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Click the highlighted words below while I gloat...

Neener - Neener - Neener!

McKenna Mout (Military Operations in Urban Terrain) Site. A faux ville, complete with sewer system (or 'snake pit' as the troops prefer to call it) for the troops to fight in. If it's been raining recently, it's a wet sewer, too - though just a storm system, not a sanitary sewer...

I - got - to - play - today!

I was the "clueless journo who thinks his press pass makes him invulnerable". At least that's what I told the curious. In reality, I was just wandering around in the fight because they said I could. Since I didn't have a MILES harness on, all the players knew I was technically invisible (and I cleared it with the OIC). I've been taking pictures of the tech we're here experimenting with. But there's some cool stuff in McKenna. But I got to listen to machine guns, rifles, grenades, shouting soldiers taking down buildings, shouting jihadis trying to save their buildings and not sell their lives cheap. And shouting instructors... instructing. Good times, good times. And this time, no ringing in the ears afterwards, either!

In an earlier exercise unrelated to this one - I almost got whacked by a troop with an M4 Paintball gun. Close range paintballs sound remarkably like 9mm rounds at range...

I can't believe I get *paid* to do this!