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October 30, 2005


Whew!~ These are some trash-talking, guitar-picking, hard-drinking, no-slack-giving, party animals here in the hills of Tennessee. And that's before we got to Eric's place. It went downhill from there.

While I didn't find a still there *was* some very fine, smooth, corn-squeezin's available. And since it was the Straight White Guy's house, and since Blackfive was present... well, let's just say there were plenty of fine highly distilled brown liquors around, too. And with Harvey there, there were fine cigars.

Oddest thing about a blogmeet is the fact that everyone had a black oval over their face. And will until I'm sure who minds and who doesn't mind becoming Google Images fodder...

There was good music, with a sing-along.

There were boy bloggers. Apparently, Eric's house has a problem, but the Redneck Rambler was all over lending a hand to hold it up.

There were gurl bloggers. All of 'em beyooteous. Except that one on the extreme left. That's Blackfive, and frankly, out of over 100 pictures, any picture that had more than two gurl-bloggers in it, for some reason also had Matt. Just sayin'

Some bloggers had their ovals slip - but quickly ducked behind some camouflage.

There were pretty strange creatures in the woods behind Eric's house. Pretty, but... strange.

And strange rituals were performed. Seen here for the first time in the civilized world... the Burning of the Souls, okay, soles.

But perhaps most disturbing was the frenzied dancing around the fire...

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Thankfully, my batteries died before the clothes came off...

I haven't had that much fun in a long time. Even if we did arrive too late for shooting! Apparently Boudicca *likes* the AR-15... Great people, about whom more later. And I'm thinking SWWBO and I will find far fewer excuses for not making the trip to these things in the future.

And it does tickle the thought... wonder if I have half the cojones that Eric does, to let such a ragamuffin herd into his house... do SWWBO and I have the stones to host the Castle Argghhh Blog Meet and Paper Target Slaughter...

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