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October 25, 2005

I'm busy today - so here's some carnivals to keep you busy...

Despite their best efforts, the troglodytes of Iraq couldn't stop the vote, nor alter the outcome to their liking. How many of *you* would have voted in the election, knowing there was a chance you could be a strawberry mist and chunky salsa for so doing?

Bob Owens reads Democratic Underground... so you don't have to.

RINO sightings, for those of us on the Right who don't drink the Kool-Aid.

And the Blogs Brigaded, hoist the Red Ensign, to show that Kool-Aid isn't that popular in all parts of Canada, either!

Lastly, this, just because I think it's funny. Be vewy, vewy caweful out thewe!

Right Wing News has an interesting post - Right Wing Bloggers decide who should run the Rest of the World. I was invited, but, in the end, just decided that all I would do is export Alex Baldwin, Madonna, Jesse Jackson, Hillary Clinton,, to go work their magic and get out of my hair. Since that isn't what John was looking for... I didn't play this time (though we appreciate the invitation, John!)

Last, but not least. It's not always the "Great and Good" who move mountains. Sometimes the little people topple the statues by simply standing firm, and refusing to acquiesce.

Rosa Parks, RIP.