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October 23, 2005

Denizen Link-Fest!

Time for a Denizen link-fest, plus whatever else motivates me.

Up first if MSG Keith, with his post about going to the range to shoot some Kewl Stuff while he was in the 'Stan. Yes, Keith, I *am* envious, but I still think I *never got* this story...

Sergeant B is looking for some old buddies, and his Second Military Career looms closer. (Green-eyed Monster time).

Jack muses about his start in blogging - all in response to The Commissar's request for blog parentage. Stephen is trying to develop the Blog Family Tree. I'd say his research is incomplete... you should go take a look.

While Cassie is semi-retired (she's got one of those cushy guest-commentator spots somewhere...), she did leave this update over at Villainous Company.

Castle Adjutant Barb (yes, I did remember upcoming events, btw) suggest this bit of hardware. At $20K with $650 shipping, one will not be showing up at the Castle anytime soon. Ooops. Never mind - sold out! Well, rather than link to that post, let's link instead to her linkfest (a diversity-post of military opinion there!), and wind up with some Lessons to Learn.

AFSis wants to know how did you get your name? My Expression number is 5, if you care about such things. I explain my name over there, as well.

Bad Cat Robot, aka the Snarkatron, has actually done something many of us dream about - so many of us and so much so it's a hackneyed movie cliché (did I use the farking accent right this time, Bill?). *Drum Roll, Please*

~{She Sold Her Novel}~

There's some other good stuff in there, too, but that's the Really Kewl News. All y'all know an Author. (Well, you actually know several, if we're going to count textbooks).

I dunno where Castle Philosopher Kat finds the time for this - but she has two *excellent* posts on the evolution of Body Armor. And how we're reinventing the wheel. See number 1 here. And see number 2 here. The answer to a question Kat asked me that I overlooked in email - why we reinvent the wheel - Engineers study engineering, not history. And they think that anything old is, well, old. They want patents for New Stuff. Jack might have a different opinion...

Punctilious has taken over administration of the Carnival of the Recipes for SWWBO. BTW - the newest version is up! She's also one of our authors... and she has a naughty idea for a replacement for Miers. Obviously, she wants to cripple governance, not just gridlock it...

Fuzzybear Lioness is getting ready to kick us bloggers in the butt for a new iteration of fundraising for Project Valour-IT. The war still continues, despite the SCOTUS nominations... and more importantly, the needs created among the wounded of this war (as in all others) will continue after the war fades from the TV and headlines. More on the subject of fundraising later...

SWWBO gives us some more travails of the traveler.

Lastly among the Denizens ('cuz I went bottom to top this time), Alan ponders some questions about the Internet. A subject near and dear to my heart, albeit for different reasons than you might think.

Other notes. The Armorer will be at Fort Benning, Georgia 1-10 (maybe 11) November. And he will have the weekend intermezzo free. Aside from Monteith and his kewl toys, anybody want to get together in the area?

Lastly (until I decide to add something, which I no doubt will) this upcoming weekend we're going to be at the Straight White Guy's house, meeting all these Really Smart, Debonair, and All 'Round Kewl! people...

How about an Airplane Pic?

I like this. Well, except for the Grape Juice part. But I understand that, what with the Puritans running the US Military and all.