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October 18, 2005

Let's mix 'n match a bit.

Jay wonders, if we change Muslim to, say, Episcopal, is it now illegal?

Alan coins a tongue-twister... guesstificationing. I agree with him, too.

Kat meets Captain America, and discovers that warriors are not drones... and gives a remarkable history lesson in so doing. On of your better ones, Kat - and that's saying something!

Barb is still worthless and has 7 on the brain, likes critters, and wants you to read a letter.

AFSis is keeping an eye on the counter-demonstrators at Walter Reed.

CAP H is outraged! So am I. There is far too little of this going on over there in Blighty! CAPT H also uses his keen eye to discover a bit more about that Brit officer who lost her pistol...

An interesting compare and contrast in the Washington Post today. How is what Bennet said in order to discredit a bad argument functionally different from what this family endures?

Okay - homework. A little googlecize for you.

Here are hand held devices. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to identify them (yes, it can be done via the search engines). What I'm interested in are some of the ties between them. Yes, I have a specific set of things in mind, and those who have *really* read my ouevre will prolly get pretty close - but that's playing stump the chump to ask you to read my mind. Hmmm, that didn't *quite* come out the way I meant.

Anyway - I'm interested in the connections, the odd juxtapositions, etc. Simpler than you think, but not necessarily up front. Have some fun.

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