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October 15, 2005

Saturday Fare

Heh. I think most Denizenne's could subscribe to this attitude:

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From this fella's website.

Update: As I thought, but couldn't find, and JTG thought, but couldn't find, MCart *did* find... this *is* an Oleg Volk picture... from here. When I went looking to confirm, I went here, Oleg's Studio website... and I shoulda known better!

Sigh. You'd think they'd know better... a "no speech zone"?

Apparently needing some confirmation about Blake's affirmation that DHL delivers, Boquisucio when out and found proof: DHL Delivers!

Let's have a caption contest... since Cassie isn't providing this anymore, mebbe we can snare some of her clever double-entendre' types...

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Other caption contests as I find them: The Right Place, WILLisms, OTB, GOP and the City, Wizbang,

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