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October 13, 2005

Imagine you’re thirteen again…

…and you have a history test in school tomorrow. I’ll give you a couple of seconds to adjust your mindset. Ready?

Okay, what are some of the things you’re worried about?

[Awww, man—all those names of dead people and dates that happened before I was born and places that I’ll never even go to! How’m I ever gonna remember all that stuff? And then there’s…]

Yeah, things look a lot different from a thirteen-year-old’s perspective, doesn’t it?

Now let me add two items to your perspective.

1. You’re a thirteen-year-old girl.

2. You live in Mosul.

Ever wonder what it’s like to really, really hope you get to school without being blown to pieces by a car bomb?

Meet somebody who can tell you. Meet Sunshine

...and after you've read what she's said, you can add this to the reasons we need to win this thing: so that thirteen-year-old girls won't have to be afraid of being killed just because some scumbucket thinks that little girls shouldn't go to school.

Wahabism delenda est!

Thank you, Lady Christine, for finding Sunshine....

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