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October 09, 2005

Denizens in the Assault!

What are the Denizens up to? MSG Keith entertains royalty while SGT B waxes rhapsodic about... aviators... ewwww!. Meantime, over at Random Fate, Jack's messy divorce from politics continues, as he pretty much hates all the options, and is probably considering a small, uncharted island where he can avoid the sausage-making that is politics. If I thought everybody else would *truly* leave me alone, I'd be jiggy with that. The Rammer family is dealing with the loss of Rammer's father. Pace, familias. The Snarkatron spanks the Smithsonian for essentially embezzling a donation in practical terms, if not in legal ones. Cassandra at Villainous Company says approving things about the Washington Post, and has a post up comparing history's only Bomb-dropper, Mizzou's own Harry S. Truman, to... wait for it... Dubya! Ah, Cassie - she covers Miers so I don't have to! Between Cassie and Baldilocks, my piece is pretty much said regarding Miers. But if you *like* Miers-blogging, consider Carnival of the Clueless #16 or Don Surber, one of the paid pundits *not* rending his garments over the nomination. Barb offers condolences, and reports out on someone you should know. SWWBO gives us her take on Miers - and don't forget this week's Carnival of the Recipes (SWWBO's Invention!) over at The Glittering Eye! AFSis's concern about justice is assuaged by some good news - just as Ohio is made happy with the return of their Marine reservists from a hard tour in Iraq. Castle Philosophotrix Kat reminds us that there is still work to be done in Afghanistan... and it is. Fuzzybear Lioness has some posers of questions about political figures - I got them both right. Allen and I agree about something - which happens more often than our snarking allows, but he *is* a foreigner, after all. While I'm as guilty as anyone about the 'Net, I don't get the need to be able to instantly contact anyone - and the seemingly concomitant need to be in constant contact with *someone*. I'm not available 24/7 and don't want to be - and have turned down jobs where a Blackberry was involved. And people who get angry with me for *not* have a cell phone with me at all times, and especially not having one that will take my email... well, that's both bemusing and amusing. If you want those kinds of jobs, rest assured, I am *not* your competition.

Let's close this out with some Gun-n-Plane Pr0n. The tailgunner position of the Memphis Bell[e]. For pity's sake, Jack. Like you've *never* had a typo!

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Probably last, but not least: Snerk!