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October 08, 2005


Hee. Reader Randy K sent along a little gem, which I'll put out in a later post.

It's in regard to this thread at Fark (which is hilarious).

As one might guess, there is some, well, rivalry between the inmates of the various service academies. And this week, the Squids spanked the Zoomies. They painted an F4 Phantom on display at the Air Force Academy to look like a Blue Angels (the Navy aerial demonstration team if you don't know) aircraft.

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And they did it smart. 1. They didn't get caught. 2. They used water soluble paint, so clean up is easy - in other words, all the goodness of the score without really damaging anything or causing a hugely expensive clean up. Hey, cleaning things like that up are what Doolies are for, right?

Hee! I remember a certain anchor, in front of the University of Missouri ROTC building, Crowder Hall, which was discovered on Homecoming Morning to have been painted a Bright Pink.

I remember the next year, the Midshipmen guarded their anchor the night before Homecoming. Too bad someone was *inside* Crowder Hall, where the Navy has this *really nice* shipbuilder's model of the USS Missouri in a glass case in the central foyer. Only for this homecoming, *somehow* the case was full of water and goldfish, with the Mighty Mo'... sunk 'neath the waves.

Then, heh, who'd a thunk it, but one fine Homecoming Morning, the anchor was all green and fuzzy, having been coated with grease and grass clippings...

But I wouldn't know anything about that. Nope.

Methinks Lex, a certain Bubblehead, CDR Salamander and Unconsidered Trifles should come by and crow over current victories trumping old losses... Especially since Dusty, USAFA Grad, is still AWOL...

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