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October 05, 2005

Just cuz I knew you wanted to know...

What's on the reading list... spread between the nightstand and the office, and of course, both bathrooms. With one in the car, for lunch, or waiting for SWWBO at the airport.

Devil's Guard, Elford. (now available new from Hailer Publishing)
Ambush Alley, Pritchard
Learning to Eat Soup with a Knife, Nagl
The Last True Story I'll Ever Tell, Crawford
Judge Advocates in Vietnam, Army Lawyers in Southeast Asia 1959-1975, Borch
The Road to Abu Ghraib: US Army Detainee Doctrine and Experience, Gebhardt The link is to a Military Review article - I'm reading the book Jim wrote from which he wrote the article.
Arrogant Armies, Perry
Settling Accounts: Return Engagement, Turtledove
Imperial Grunts, Kaplan
The Dog From Hell, Bunch
Arguing About War, Walzer
Bombs and Hand Grenades, Smith
Nelson's Trafalgar, Adkins
1805: Austerlitz, Goetz
Photoshop CS2 for Dummies, Obermeier

I find it hard anymore to sit down and do concentrated reading. Probably too much coffee, and the bad influence of blogs and blogging. But I am plowing through all of these books. Two of 'em are references for ongoing projects, and are only consulted as needed, so that's not so bad.