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October 05, 2005

She who stutteringly brings up...

...feminine "sekrit-purpose" devices...

Iiiii Donnnn'ttt knowwww anyyythingggg abouttttt thingsssss that viiiiiiibrate

...(admittedly following *her* lead) later in the same thread complains:

*sigh* The quality of gun pron on this site has dramatically dropped.

Heh. *Who* dragged pr0n into this anyway? A pox on all yer houses!

Fine. I'll pander. How about a Wall of Muskets?

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From the Tower Armories, a souvenir of SWWBO's trip last week. Compares favorably to the Arsenal at Argghhh!, I suppose.

Where they've got us beat, however, is out in the inner ward! With things like this 24 pounder gun on a fortress carriage.

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