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October 04, 2005

Ponnuru for SCOTUS!

I've made a button - as K-Lo asked for.

If they give me permission (I have no idea - it *does* include their logo after all) I might even put 'em up for sale. Use the proceeds to buy a seat at the next NRO get-together...


Greetings visitors from NRO (again, this is a post from October!) The stuff below is a bit dated - if you want newer stuff, we have The Price of War here, the Brit Brigadier's comments on the US Army here, Alito here,, and obscure firearms lore here. Or just click here and start at the top and move down.

This is the old stuff:

Other things of interest, if you have the time - the OPSEC issues for milbloggers (down in the bottom of the post - and visit the Salamander's link, too), a series on the nuts and bolts of "getting to the fight" (good stuff, not boring old logistics - see links at bottom of the post), the FBI, a US Marshall, and a blogger have a Homeland Security Moment, next, - the Bar at Argghhh, and last, but not least - cool military stuff I collect. But if yer just here for the buttons - Jonah has forwarded my note to the suits about offering 'em up for sale.