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October 03, 2005

Other Items of Note.

Updated through the day.

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A$$holes. French or otherwise, and a pox of the people who make this profitable. May they rot in a special place in hell - because this isn't simple cruelty for cruelty's sake - this is economic activity. I guess I should warn you - if you are a critter lover, the picture will make you unhappy.

This just in in email:

Since you mentioned OPSEC and blogs, I thought you'd be interested to know that I just sat through the interweb/OPSEC brieifing a couple of days ago, and I noted that your blog header (yours, not the Dusty or Bill version) was present on a page about blogs, along with Mudville Gazette and another that I'd seen before but whose name escapes me.

Fame comes in odd forms

Dunno if we were mentioned in good ways or bad ways, or just held up as an example of a milblog - but, here's a note for you official 1st IO Command blog monitors... if there's something here you object to, all ya gotta do is email and we can discuss it. I got no problems with that whatsoever. And all in all, I'll probably take it down, if it isn't already like a rash on the 'net. Just like I *didn't* run with the pics of the M1 that got hit with the double-impulse RPG until that was all over the 'net - and I had gotten those from a clean source (i.e., not work-related or abuse-of-trust or something similar). Just sayin'. I'll protect my 1st Amendment rights, like I will the other 9 in the Bill - but make a case to me, and I'll also come down on the side of risk reduction to the soldier.

I went over to the 1st Information Operations Command OPSEC portal (accessible if you have an AKO account), and I suggest you visit if you blog and are on active duty, they've got a pretty good round-up of what concerns the higher-ups about blogs.

On their slide discussing blogs, Blackfive, Greyhawk, SGT Hook all made it - and so did Argghhh! Twice. My howitzer banner and the archive banner. Just shown as examples of blogs, and not held up in a good light or bad.

If you're a milblogger on active duty - the rules are different for you than they are me (though I've got other rules to be cognizant of) - if you haven't been subjected to this training (and, let's face it - most of it will be given by people who don't really understand blogs yet), I suggest you go ahead and get there ahead of the chain-teaching on the subject. The rules are getting clearer, and they're doing a better job of explaining the *why* of the rules, not just the "here they are" aspect of them.

And I don't have any real problem with the rules as they are evolving. I'm sure the enforcement, decentralized as it is, will be, well, spotty - with weak leaders taking a heavy-handed approach. But, in terms of true OPSEC (vice not wanting to be embarassed because you're an idiot) erring on the side of caution is a good thing - lives *are* at stake.

If you can't find it and want the link to the portal - email me from a .mil address and I'll give it to you (you'll still have to log-in) - but you can get there from the AKO start page.

Update: As Cdr Salamander found out - you can only get to AKO if you have an Army-based account... just like I can't log in to the AF and Navy equivalents.

Subject change/

Heh. "Why don't you knock it off with them negative waves? Why don't you dig how beautiful it is out here? Why don't you say something righteous and hopeful for a change?" C'mon, Oddball - follow your own advice!

Neffi - how about the RSPCA?
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