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September 30, 2005

Stuff bumping around in my head today.

Here's a little story I'd missed... More interesting to me is Dr. Weevil's take on it, and his commenters response.

New Zealand's Government is relying on the "we're small, and we'll be nice to everybody" system of defense. You can do that when, in your heart of hearts, you know that if a *real* threat should show up, your northern cousin would send a carrier battlegroup or two, and a Marine amphib group, while your cousins on the Big Island to the West would probably do some dying buying time for you.

Which is no reflection on the New Zealand Armed Forces - the soldiers and sailors of Kiwi-land I've worked with are as fine a group of warriors as has ever taken up arms. Not dissing the aviators - just never worked with any! They've been reduced to what some want the USAF (or at least TRANSCOM) to become - a logistical/rescue force that would be Air FEMA. (A role they are already fully capable of, btw).

A little historical trivia:

1707 Austrians storm Gaeta, seizing it from the Spanish. I find this interesting, since Gaeta is in Italy, not Austria, or Spain.

1938 Munich Agreement: Czechoslovakia surrenders Sudentenland to
Germany. Which, in the end, didn't help. Let's hope 67 years from now we don't have an entry on my not-yet-born grandchild's blog that says...

2005 Gaza Agreement: Israel surrenders Gaza to Palestinian Authority. No, the situations are not exactly parallel... but it does indicate the level of risk that Israel is taking. It's a good thing, based on past performance of the Armies in question, that her enemies are Arab.

Strategy Page has some other interesting info today.

A little Iraq analysis.

In light of that bit - what should we make of *this* analysis? This highlights the problems decision makers face - how to reconcile all these competing views. I can tell you from working in a fusion cell - what's obvious in retrospect is anything other in real-time. H/t, Ry.

And a hoot of a video! Apparently this guy has a very accommodating significant other, as his grip strength is pretty weak. *Naughty Word Warning*

Jay at Stop the ACLU has a poll for you. *Very* Unscientific, but, hey, - it's a blog! I voted for strict constructionist, as passe' as that concept is.

Bob Owens takes on Sarah Brady over at Confederate Yankee, over the Brady Campaigns new advertising campaign... in Europe. Timely post, that is. Why? You should read SWWBO's post about her discussion of American governance with Brits in Bristol (where SWWBO is this week). Why? Because, at least in her limited sample, Brits are every bit as ignorant of the US as Euro's (and Weenie Elites in the US) claim we are about... them.

Then there's this...

BTW - Who Knocked Up Sam?