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September 27, 2005

Tuesday olio

A post in which I punish you for *not* having broadband access. But at least all the big stuff opens in a new window...

First up: The Neo-Con Blogger(TM) has a .wmv for you. (When you get to the site, remember to right-click and open in a new window)

For the 4.3888045831 of you who *haven't* been everywhere else in the milblog world or Free Republic before coming here, go check out this gesture of defiance. H/t, Ry.

Here's the punisher: a 3 meg Powerpoint Show about New Orleans and Hurricane Katrina. It came from France - and might well be intended as a snark, I don't know. Cultural differences can make things seem one way or another. Regardless - it's a good collection of pictures, put to music. I wasn't offended by it - but I'm not sure the author didn't *intend* for me to be offended. Mebbe Jack knows. Anyway - right click and save as and run it from your desktop for best performance.

The Great USA.

That's what I've got this morning. If you are a person who checks back, I'll probably add to this post as the mood (and access to non-work computer) allows.

Snerk! This is one reason to keep Europe alive... h/t, the Blogfather.

Barb's back! And she scouted at least one castle for the Castle Argghhh!!! Someday We'll Do It European Castle Tour.

Cassie has a Gun Pr0n caption contest up. Don't embarass me over there - that *ain't* a tank in the picture!

Speaking of tanks, and tankers...